Open cabinet with a sewing machine and a serger, dressform standing next to it.

Yesterday, I found my people. And today, I’m starting this blog. Actually, let me back up… 

I used to sew a lot and blogged about all my projects back in the heyday of blogging (2004 to about 2012). It was a ton of fun. But over time, the frequent military moves took their toll and I slowly disconnected from the sewing community.

Fast forward to fall of 2022 when we finally parked in one place. My husband retired from the Air Force and took a new position totally unrelated to the military, in the Midwest.

So here I am, navigating the transition from military spouse to civilian, from a tropical climate to four seasons with harsh winters, and a pandemic weight gain and subsequent weight drop (I’m almost back to my normal weight).

On top of not quite being able to fit into my old clothes yet, I also realized that somewhere along the way, I started playing it safe. Too safe. And I sort of boxed myself into a corner, wardrobe-wise: black, black, and more black, with the occasional sprinkling of light gray. Ugh! 

(On the upside, I suppose I’m fairly set for any funereal occasions that might arise 🙄)

And now that the dust has settled from the move, I finally have the bandwidth to start making changes. I’m reading The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, answering the questions in my head, without writing anything down. Which isn’t going to help me in the long run.

So this blog is where I’ll document my thoughts as I work through the book and sew my new wardrobe. Knitted garments and accessories, and polymer clay jewelry will also make regular appearances because I like my outfits matchy-matchy.

So… back to yesterday.

It was a magical day. (Snowy and cold, but that’s par for the course for this time of the year, I’m told.) The magical part was that I met my people. My sewing kindred spirits. Garment sewists from the local-ish chapter of the ASG (American Sewing Guild).

It was the first time in over a decade that I sat in a room full of women who share my love of sewing garments. It felt wonderful. Like coming home.

It breathed a new life into the embers of my sewing inspiration, and now it’s a full-on flame. I’m ready for a new wardrobe. One that brings me joy both while I create it and when I wear it.

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  1. I think many of us can relate to falling in the rut of safe zones over the last couple of years, so I for one am really looking forward to following your new blog and joyful wardrobe inspirations! Although I’m not a sewer myself, I’m inspired by highly personalised wardrobes that mould to one’s style and personality as opposed to attempting to mould the personality to pre-made fashionable styles, so I look forward to following along your journey! ❤️

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